Doodle Bugging Crew

Doodle Bugging Crew consists of followings:-

1. Party chief:-
                        Seismic crew operates under the supervision of party chief.

2. Party Manager:-
                             Day to day field activities are directed by the party Manager.

3. Permit Person:-
                             It deals with local people to Obtain land and resources.

4. Transit surveyor:-
                              Marks the place where survey has to be done.

5. Shot Hole Driller:-
                                Makes holes for dynamite.
Ground crew 

> Foreman:-
                     Ground crew is usually headed by foreman. which consists of jug hustlers and cable handlers.

> Jug Hustlers:-
                         Jug hustler usually places Geophones.

>Cable Handlers:- 
                              Cable Handler deals with all the cable Work. 

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