Geological Survey Steps

Geological Survey Steps:-

1. In geological survey we check out the out craft structure , (fault and fold) and lithologies.

2. Meteorological Survey:-
                                         Surveyor must be aware of the meteorological condition that is weather condition.

3. Base Camp:-
                          The surveyor needs to establish a base camp.

4. Geological Camp:-
                                  The surveyor must know the symbols and routes.

5. Previous Literature:-
                                    The surveyor must know the history and the previous literature of that particular area.

6. Economic View Point:-
                                        Before doing a survey it is concluded that, survey of this area would be economical or not. He must know the latitude and longitude of area.

7. Equipment:-
                      The surveyor must have the proper equipment.

8. Lease agreement:-
                                 One who wants the survey must have a least agreement from the government.

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